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St. Theresa/St. John Home & School Association

2011-2012 Home & School Officers

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2011-2012 Home & School Officers
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2011-2012 St. Theresa Middle School/St. John Primary School Home and School Officers

St. Theresa Middle Home & School President for the coming school year is Mrs. Jennifer Bourgeois. She is the wife of Dwayne and the mother of 5th grader, Brandon, and 3rd grader, Rachel. This is her 3rdd year serving on the H&S and has previously served as vice-president and caring & Sharing chair for St. john Primary. Jennifer is a pharmacist who works part-time at the Wal-Mart Pharmacy in Gonzales. She enjoys being involved in school activities as much as possible.

Britney LeBlanc returns for her 3rdd year as President of the St. John Primary Home & School. She is the mother of 3 boys; Harris, Britton and Cohen. Her husband is Dale LeBlanc. Britney was in the field of graphic design before deciding to take a break to raise her young children. She enjoys being involved in the many activities Home & School provides and following her sons' sport activities.

These two ladies, along with all H&S officers, have been working diligently throughout the summer to prepare for this school year.


Complete officer list will be posted soon!!!

We would like to welcome all new families here at SJP & STA! We hope you will find this school a wonderful place to educate and nurture your children with the presence of GOD in every heart and classroom. We welcome your ideas and input as well. We hope to see many of you soon! PLease contact any one of us should you have any questions about school or volunteering. We have all been new at one time or another, so we would gladly be of help to you.

Jennifer & Dwayne Bourgeois

Britney LeBlanc