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Roasted chicken w/garnish

Do you love to cook?
Do you know someone who does?                                 


If so, Pleasures from the Good Earth, Vol. II is a must! 


This book is a great addition to your cookbook collection or a perfect gift for someone else.  It is filled with countless recipes that can be used for any occasion. The recipes use common ingredients and are easy to prepare.


Pleasures from the Good Earth, Vol. II is now available for the price of $8.00




St. Theresa/St. John Home and School Association

Order form for

Pleasures from the Good Earth, Volume II




Oldest Child’s Name:________­­­­_______________Class Code:________


Phone Number:_______________________E-mail address___________________


I would like to purchase _________ cookbooks for $8.00 each


Total Amount Due:_____________________


Paying by: (circle one)

Cash                     Check  (made payable to St. Theresa/St. John  Home and School)