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St. Theresa/St. John Home & School Association

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Contact Us

Do you have comments or questions on our organization? An announcement or posting for our Bulletin Board? Or would you like to become a more involved member of our association? Please get in touch!

Just click this address to send us e-mail:

You can submit a note in your child's backpack/folder for any orders or inquiries and mark it Home & School. 

St. Theresa of Avila School
Attention Home & School
212 East New River
Gonzales, LA 70737

And of course you can give ANY ONE OF THE OFFICERS A CALL or email


Become a Volunteer!
We know that everyone leads busy and sometimes frantic lives, the world is spinning a bit too fast, however taking the time to become involved in your child's school experiences will give back to you twofold of what you put in. No job is too small! Even the smallest gift of your time would be greatly appreciated.

Earth Spinning

Just check out the various events that Home & School sponsors throughout the year. I'm sure you will find something to volunteer your time for.